Velcome – 24 Hour Comic 2016


Velcome is my 2016 attempt at a 24 Hour Comic that didn’t make it. I got through 13 pages before I gave up the ghost. I’m still happy with many of the character designs and funny faces pulled etc though. Another for the “perhaps I should finish this eventually” pile

…and that’s all she drew. The ending was going to be something along the lines of the other parents turning out to be werewolves and vampire hunters – cue yakety-sax theme – and the children watching on in disgust and confusion at their parents’ antics.

I had a plan to finish the art with orange and white ink on brown paper, which I think would have looked really great! I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get that far. I can’t regret deciding to give up and go to bed either though.

I think this is the last 24 Hour Comic Challenge I participated in. Beyond this point I just feel I’m too old and creaky to try it again. I sometimes wonder if these things have any long-term negative effects on health, too. I never see big groups organise around this challenge with prizes etc any more either so I suppose they have fallen out of favour and maybe that’s a good thing. I’m still pleased with the 24 hour comics I drew over the years though.

I might have a go at the “one hour per day” version of the challenge some time, where you can work on it intermittently as long as it doesn’t exceed 24 hours. That sounds much more sensible.

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