Dream Town – 24 Hour Comic 2015


Dream Town is a 24 HR comic from October 2015. For some mad reason I did two that year! I tried a bunch of new things with this one – working bigger at A4 size instead of A5, drawing with ink (no pencil stage at all) and using no dialogue. Going straight to ink gave me time to try for more elaborate backgrounds, but also forced me to commit to some poses that I wasn’t 100% on. In terms of time-saving though, it was a huge boon.

As always, it was all drawn on paper. Some day I will have to trying doing one of these digitally but I don’t think my poor back could handle it. My tablet drawing posture is bloody tragic.

I loved working without any real dialogue and having to come up with visual solutions to things. I really like that everyone who reads the comic can have a slightly different interpretation of the story events, too. I think the final comic came out super well and good enough to clean up and colour some day!

I personally thought the tiger was an elderly fellow and the bunny his carer but most people who’ve read it believe they are romantically linked. Over time I have come over to the romantics’ way of thinking – even though I made the damn thing! Now I suppose the tiger has sustained an injury in their youth…or perhaps tigers live a great deal longer than rabbits and so it’s a non-issue between them. Who knows! That is the fun of the thing.

I’m very fond of the rounded corner panels too.

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