MiniComicon Poster


Back in 2015, in one flight of madness or another, Alisha Jade decided to run their own damn Comic Con. With blackjack! and hookers! cheap tables and free entry!

Being a friend, I helped out a little, which included coming up with the key/poster art to advertise the event. I was given the freedom to just do whatever so long as it worked, so that’s what I did.

Minicomicon key/poster art

Perhaps it’s a smidge abstract but it worked well for us. A few of the little airplanes got cut out and posted around the event space to serve as guides to attendees (the SLQ Edge is a really great space but somewhat buried amidst other government-owned blocky concrete buildings)) and a little hue shifting gave us an assortment of colourful posters to spread about. They were quite eye-catching so hopefully that did the job!

There was only the one event ultimately but I suppose knowing it could be done did eventually lead to Comicstreet. I even reused this art shifted to yellow for Comicstreet when I needed some announcement art real quick! No effort is ever truly wasted. 🙂

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